The Magic Of Magento For Your Business

Magento is often referred to as an open source platform for ecommerce sites. Having said that, we mean, anyone can develop a site here. But, the irony to many of you could be that...
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SVG logo animation

Why Scalable Vector Graphics Are So Cool

The use of well-designed animations has emerged to improve user experience, through a slow transitioning towards HTML5 for web animations. SVG logo animation provides accessible alternative, for a creative animated cascading style sheets. The...
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How Can Custom Magento Development Help eCommerce Stores Fare Better?

The online competition is warming up, and it is imperative that it come up with innovative solutions and seek help from custom platforms to attract customers. Magento is one of these open source e-commerce...
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6 Exciting Web Features You Must Have

Every business whether it is an online one or a brick and mortar store has a website; however what sets one apart from the other is the inclusion of certain features. Many a time...
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Benefits of Hiring Web Development Company

Web DesignThere are many small businesses who still don’t understand the importance of hiring website Development Company to build a website for their businesses. The look and feel of your website can make a...
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