Syntricate – One Stop Destination For Gadgets

From past few years, Ecommerce is booming due to the ease of use. Because of this most of the products and services have moved online. Food, clothing, groceries, beauty services, medicines, repair services, furniture and fittings, name any, one can find some or the other Ecommerce website dealing in that product or service online.

One such Ecommerce platform gaining popularity day-by-day is

About Syntricate:

If you are a tech savvy, a website to buy latest gadgets or accessories for gadgets and cars then Syntricate is the place for you.

It is an Australian owned company which is delivering cutting-edge accessories for all electronic devices. It emerged online in 2013.


“Better-cater” is the motto of Syntricate. It means “Exceptional Service”. This is the foundation of the company.


Offered Product Categories:

This website offers four product categories. They are:

  1. Phone and Tablet Accessories: It consists of products related to gadget protection such as mobile covers, add-ons like Memory Cards and mounts such as Bike Holder etc.
  2. MacBook and Laptops: It shows MacBook accessories, laptop bags and accessories.
  3. Power and Cables: It includes devices like power banks, lightning cables, wireless charger etc.
  4. Others: It includes car accessories, audio devices as well as novelty and fun.

 Brands offered:

From Apple to Xiaomi, name any brand and you can most probably find it here at Syntricate.

Some famous brands:

• Apple.
• Google.
• Samsung.
• Amazon.
• HTC.
• HP.
• LG.
• Sony.
• Microsoft.

Distinctive features:

  1. Best Quality:

The company is committed to quality. It aims at delivering quality products to the customers.

  1. Affordable:

The price offered is very reasonable and is affordable by most of the customer base.

  1. Brand Trust:

The company deals only in known brands so as to ease the consumer experience by providing almost all famous brands under one roof.

Syntricate Syntringers Rewards Program:

This is a program for the benefit of existing users. Through this they can get reward points       for every purchase made. For every 1$ spent, the customer earns 5 points.

More ways to get reward points:

  • Sign Up: 300 points
  • Facebook like: A Like on Facebook gives 100 points.
  • Instagram: Following the website page or account on Instagram gives 200 points.
  • Referral: Referring someone gives 500 points.
  • Birthday Celebration: It gives 500 points.

These points can be redeemed by customer once the customer reaches 1000 points. On reaching 1000, these points can be converted to Gift coupon and can be redeemed on future purchases.

Shipping and Return Policy:

Syntricate offers free shipping for its products.

It has a 100-day return policy provided its terms and conditions for returns are satisfied.

Payment methods:

  • Online payment.
  • After pay via ZIP PAY.