Magento is often referred to as an open source platform for ecommerce sites. Having said that, we mean, anyone can develop a site here. But, the irony to many of you could be that only the community version would be free to you while the Magento Enterprise development is still a paid service. However, the enterprise version is a superior platform for the purpose of e-commerce development since it comes with a bouquet of custom features bespoke to the needs of the ecommerce industry. In other words, if you are serious about your ecommerce venture, you must go for the enterprise version of Magento. It is something like stitching in time that saves nine.

Key areas of Magento Enterprise development:

  • Fast and reliable: You will be happy to know that Magento Enterprise development is the best solution for your e-commerce and it is a market leader here all over the world. The best part of developing e-commerce sites on this platform is that sites here remain highly stable. It thus assures a 100% uptime. On top of it, e-commerce sites are also fast here. As a matter of fact, online visitors by default prefer to visit ecommerce sites built on Magento. This translates to a unique advantage of your business.
  • Attract & convert: Here, the store is built in a user-friendly way. Thus, visitors love spending time here. It further construes that these sites attract visitors over the years and across the geographies. Therefore, building an e-commerce venture here will ensure a constant flow of footfall to your virtual store 24×7 and 365 days a year. In other words, the opportunity to sell to the customers and prospects will be much higher than ever before. It means a Magento ecommerce platform is capable of handling high traffic and at the same time, it indirectly influences visitors for buying the products available there bespoke to their need and liking.
  • Market intelligence: The market intelligence is crucial for the success of any business. Your e-commerce venture is no exception. You will be happy to note that Magento has all those attributes that it takes to create a personalised shopping experience per customer. In the process, it helps to create a chain of satisfied customers and thus, gives birth to a brand pull. After all, a brand is the sum total of perceptions that most of you carry in your heads and hearts around a product or service on offer. For instance, on a Magento platform, you will customise shopping experience per customer with reward programmes and his past history. In the process, you have the freedom of cross selling and upselling your products to the TG (target group).
  • Leveraging reviews: This is a unique feature of Magento built sites. People here can relate well with the positive feedback of a seller online here.

Your business is unique. So are the businesses around the world. Having said that, we mean, you must opt for custom Magento Enterprise development that befits your requirement at the first place. This, in turn, will give your business a unique edge over others for sure.