Google WiFi vs Orbi vs Eero vs Velop

Mesh networks are the way to go for those who want smart home automation. They do improve the way wireless networks perform and make do make home automation realizable. When talk of mesh networks, the leading four names that come into mind include Google Wifi, Linksys Velop, Eero, and Netgear Orbi. Let’s talk about Google WiFi vs Orbi vs Eero vs Velop in detail.


The difference between all the four mesh network systems when it comes to network coverage is not so big. One unit of Google Wifi will give you 1200 square feet of coverage, while one beacon and Eero mesh network system will give you 2000 square feet of coverage. As with every Velop node, you get 3000 square feet of coverage, while a Netgear Orbi unit will provide you with 2000 square feet of wireless network coverage.


In terms of performance, all four devices offer almost the same performance. They all run on advanced systems and use the latest features to deliver optimal performance.  They can efficiently handle practically all commercially available internet speeds. The eero mesh network device is the best for those who want short distance coverage while the Velop is the best for those who want extended distance coverage.

Google WiFi vs Orbi vs Eero vs Velop

App Control

All four mesh network systems stand out when it comes to streamlined app control. They all allow for easy setup, power, and monitoring via easily downloadable mobile apps. But with all factors considered, Google Wifi is the smartest choice in this area as it includes super intuitive ease of use mobile app system.

Level of Customer Satisfaction

Different customers have had different experiences with these mesh Wifi network systems. Some have had very amazing and smooth experiences, while others have had awful experiences. Most of the customers who bought and used these systems consider them the best in terms of performance, reliability, efficiency, and durability. The small percentage of those who didn’t quite have the best experiences with these systems probably got the wrong products that weren’t packaged to their specifications. Whichever of the systems you decide to buy, consider check the specs to know if it’s fit for your kind of needs unless you want to end up a disappointed man.

The information above guides into understanding Google WiFi vs. Orbi vs. Eero vs. Velop better, ensuring you can easily select the best. Do read and understand each of the system features and dynamics for your experience to be a breeze. Have a chat with the manufacturer of your preferred mesh network system before you buy, so they can enlighten you on what you are about to get yourself into, ensuring you don’t make a mistake.