Every business thrives because of employees who know how to do their work. But aside from the skills that they have, a better relationship and connection can take things up a notch. Communication is the key to every successful relationship, and you can easily send out the important information you want your employees to know through the best internal communications software from Groupe.io. Aside from that, you can streamline the process and automate business processes with an enterprise workflow automation also from Groupe.io.

Groupe.io provides you with tools that can improve how your business works. Your employees have a more effective form of communication and your workflow becomes faster. It will help you form a stronger bond with your employees while making sure you have a more efficient work ethic with an enterprise-grade process builder through Groupe.io. You can ensure 100% work process compliance through these amazing tools.

Instill a Better Form of Communication Through Groupe.io

Groupe.io provides a tool that you and your employee can easily utilize. The tool is an internal communication software, which allows you to send information for your employees to consume. It works as a social media app, so there is no learning curve because it is extremely easy to utilize. You can post announcements, data, policy updates, and more. If there is important information needed to be addressed, you can pin it on top of the feed to make sure everyone has read it. You can keep track of these posts that are consumed thanks to the read-receipts and acknowledgments.

best internal communications software

Break the language barrier through the translation provided by Groupe.io to ensure everyone is on the same page. Send push notifications through alerts, SMS, and email to ensure maximum reach. Lastly, create groups for every department or role to send out information only concerning them and also to avoid info overload for other employees.

Cutting Costs Through Business Process Automation

Every enterprise needs a business process automation to cut costs, save on labor and time, and make sure everything works smoothly. Through Groupe.io’s workflow automation software, you can easily create custom workflows and automate routine tasks to help you save time. It allows you to work on more important tasks that need attention. This tool helps guarantee work gets done more consistently and has more expected results. You also become more efficient through the paperless way of approving requests from employees, instead of paper-based approvals, which are time-consuming and reduce productivity. The digitized way is much better and faster.

Track work status, coordinate work, and streamline processes in one tool. You can control everything in one software without having to waste time and manpower. You can create custom processes without needing to know more about coding. The easy drag and drop interface will bring process compliance up to 100% on departmental processes.