Video games are around us since many years. They kept on upgrading and advancing that today there are variety of mobile games and console games. The video diversions became so much prominent that they were used on many home consoles as well as in computers. There are actually three kinds of gaming on your computer, mobiles, and game consoles. There is even the invention of triggers for going to the next level in a game. Search through this link So, now let’s find the comparisons between mobile games and console games to understand gaming world.

Console games versus mobile games 


The console games enable have wide variety of genres. The popular ones are battle royale, action, and sport games. They are story dependent which seems interesting to many of the people. The genre of sports acts as the replacement to the physical sports. It enables the players to enter into the athletic virtualism from your home. The game battle royale is a great genre of console game which created a havoc. The fresh concept has helped many of the people to download and play this game.

Mobile games can also be categorized into variety of genres. The popular genres of mobile games are hyper casual, arcade, and battle royale diversions. The games of hyper casual include decision making and handling situations kind of games. The arcade diversions are like doodle jump and fruit ninja. The battle royale is obviously best mobile game genre.


The best type of diversion should be easy to interact. In console games, the controllers are built in a special way. They consist of buttons and joysticks with various positions. Every button present on a joystick is said to do different type of action. You can learn from tutorials to understand how to control while playing console games.

The mobile games are controlled by the virtual buttons present on your mobile touch screens. The players touch this button for doing some action while playing a mobile game. The mechanics of controlling is crucial think while gaming in mobiles. Mobile diversions has to offer full experience utilizing just the device alone.

Game promotion and launch  

Console game organization spend their cash to advertise or promote their game console in the process of advertisement. Before actual game is released, the trailer is going to be launched earlier year. They also try their best to arrange an event outside. This is to make the people to learn about their game and ready to play it after its release.

Mobile games also try to promote their games before launching through advertisement. But it is done in a small scale as they don’t spend too much money like in launching console games. They might release the trailer just before some days of game release. The main purpose behind this is every developer work in an independent way. As it is a release on mobiles, so it needs small investment and mobilize it to the public is little as concentrations is on the game itself.

Thus, these are comparisons between console games and mobile games.