A computer is a device these days without which you cannot imagine a lot of works. It is used in almost all the facets of life, and hence now you cannot ignore this device at all. There is a universal rule for every machine that it has to face some problems and same is the case with a computer also. Being a technical product, there are many complexes as well as the simple problem, and hence the user needs to know whether the problem that he has to face can be solved by him or will need to call an expert in the field.

Well, it all depends on the problem of the system. One of the important problems is the blank screen of the computer where the user cannot take any action as he cannot see anything at all. You must be wondering at such point that how to deal with a blank screen even after the computer is ON. Well, there are many simple as well as complicated reasons behind this trouble, and as a user, you need to take some simple steps that can remove the problem. If despite all these steps it is not resolved then you are sure that the problem is complicated and hence an expert is required now.


Here are some steps that can be useful to counter such situations. However, one must note that these steps are taken on an assumption only. It can help one save money as well as time.

  • Check the LED light provided on the monitor. It is the indication that the power is reached to the monitor and hence there can be some other problems. If the LED is not blinking, it means there is no power, and hence one need to check the power cord, socket, and power supply. Try to fix the cord to another socket and see if it works. You can also change the cord and try again.
  • On the monitor also check that the power cord and CPU cord are fixed properly, and there is no loose connection. The cord can also be tried on another system to check if there is a problem with it.
  • In case still, the issue is there just change the required cords and try again. You can also fix the monitor to another system which is working perfectly. This can help you know if there is any problem with the monitor only. It will also help to identify if there is any hardware problem in the CPU as well as the monitor. You can also check the same CPU with another monitor to identify the problem.
  • Check the settings on brightness also as in some cases the dull brightness also make one feel the monitor is not working properly.

Despite all these steps if the system does not restore, it is time to call an expert and ask for his assistance as it can be a little complicated situation now.