You can have a web application that provides special features to your website members so that they can do some more things on your website and day to day admin automation. You can check your membership statistics, registration, renewals and recent signups. You can use membership dashboard to review the information. You can avail field customization and do private administration configuration for member access and update. You can display this on member’s directory. Membership Software SquareSpace provides many more facilities and features to their website members.

You can group your members using membership levels and can segment your members into folders. You can retrieve the information about any member group and can e-mail the members as a group. Your members and web visitors will love the member directory for your website. Your members can be proud of the stand out member profiles. Your website visitors can also appreciate the information in your member profiles that are visual, interactive and beautifully organized. You can use advance customization and customize the member profile template by adding, removing or moving tabs and boxes using drag and drop interface. You can embed custom fields into html using shortcodes. You can give access to member profiles for just members or can provide incremental access based on membership levels.

Your website members can list contacts and multiple locations within their member profile. You can Map multiple locations for business members and can show alternative contact information. You and your website members can make each contact or location private. The member directory map is also very interactive. Your website visitors can search and zoom in on members in any location and from the popup previews can click directly on their profiles.

Your website visitors can search by location and distance to quickly focus in on a local area if your member spans a wide geographic area. You can setup multiple local business directories for your website visitors from your member database. About 80% of the websites failed to give relevant search results which are very important. Your member directory powered by Membership Software SquareSpace proven directory search engine delivers relevant search results to your website visitors by related words recognition and ranking your search results and phrases in member profiles. You can customize the directory search to allow search by labels or custom fields. Faceted search combined with our smart keyword search engine allows you to let website visitors or website members to perform complex searches on your membership database while securing any membership data that you do not want public.

You can use member deals for your community, generate leads for your members and provide value for your website visitors. Member deals can generate SEO and get traffic for your website. Your members can advertise through your organization and can see increased ROI on their membership. They can create and manage their deals using their accounts with easy online access. You can generate more traffic to your website by embedding your deal page on other websites. MembershipWorks does not display email addresses of website members in your website directory or member profile.