Many advanced technologies are introduced and it is used in our daily life that makes everyone to use easily. Nowadays, everyone is using mobile to communicate to others and for their certain requirement of their own. There are many applications and platforms developed for your mobile devices to make everyone comfortable. This helps the user to get more details about certain things by a single click on their mobile. Every person who is using the android device is satisfied by certain applications in their mobile devices. There are many online sites that will help you to get the best application downloader. Using 9apps you can download any nine applications through online without any cost which means for free.

Conditions and terms to be followed

This platform is mainly used to download the other applications faster and easier than by downloading individually. Actually, this platform is a distribution application that is developed by the business group of mobile called Alibaba. This is an international third-party application used in Android and a games shop. This mainly allows the user to download many games and helps to play directly without using any logging in option. There are certain conditions and terms to be followed they are as listed below.

  • This platform will help you to know the current version that is available through online. It also has certain terms that will be updated with it. If you are not interested in following those conditions, then you can stop the site.
  • Choose the app that suits your mobile or that supports that mobile.
  • The conditions and terms are updated as per the third party of the respective application.
  • The content that is posted by the application is only for reading. The users are not allowed to modify the content.
  • This app will not provide any warranty of the third party application.


Privacy of the application

The user can choose any application through this platform that is available and is listed in the 9apps site. In every site people used to check the privacy of the application to keep their information more and highly securable. After downloading this app, you can select the required category that is displayed this apps website. The category can be as listed below.

  • Apps
  • Games
  • Ringtones
  • Com

The user can select the required category and you can select the apps displayed in that particular category. Using this app is highly risk-free and makes you download quickly. This is the safer downloading method with the latest android apps that can be downloaded freely. There is certain privacy policy is as follows.

  • Information is collected automatically
  • The privacy is interconnected with the conditions and terms.
  • The information is collected from other sources too.
  • It contains both the non-personal and personal information.
  • More securities are done for the information.
  • Easy to view the websites of the third party.
  • Information can be done only by the service providers.