Base chat is one of the German’s largest Telechat that helps to make connection between German’s people.  The name of Germany is the top leading phone chat provider is base chat. Today, through this platform thousands of people are connected each other. The main aim of the application is connected people all across the Germany anonymously. If you are going to get in touch with them in an anonymous manner, then you don’t have to afraid of them getting a hold your personal information. This platform is best for instant messaging that connects people across the world is becoming very famous in the market. However, focus of the base chat is different from another platform; it also helps to connect people but based on local area. You can choose Nummer von Base Chat, to make connection between the people.

It is generally is free of cost but up to some point only. You can easily connect with people through this platform. If you want to join this platform, then you have to register with this platform to access their services long term.  They don’t get any hidden charges and extra charges on their services. If you want to know, how does base chat number work? Then, you have to simple and anonymously dial in the numbers, which displayed on the page and choose according to requirement. These numbers are

  • For German Chat, you have to dial 04046894943597 and alternative German Chat number is 04046894039371.
  • If you want, choose English chat then dial in 022219779397964.
  • For Turkish chat, you have to dial 03096539563313. In addition, alternative number is 02037497944310.
  • For Arabic chat 00219779386944.
  • For Kurdish chat 03022403054063.

If you want to connect with people through base chat, then practically there are three ways how you can communicate with other person. One of the first ways is carousel. In this setup, you will attach up with the random stranger and talk to them for creates strong relation. If you found an entertaining or interesting partner then well in good and you can continue talk them. If your partner is little bit boring, then you can easily change your partner through this platform. If someone hurt you through Nummer von base chat, then you can report him or her to his or her operator and they can take appropriate actions.

The next type is the party room, which is more likely and famous in the German to be group chat. This is the great option for you create public group and do instant messaging. In this room, you can share information various people and most of the people prefer this platform. If you want, a private chat room then you can also choose this facility through Base chat. In this room, you create own encryption key that make your room secure. If someone connects with you then he/she have to get key from you. If you want, more information about their services and anyone like to meet a new person, and then they can join and enjoy this application.