The brain plays perhaps the most crucial role in any living organism’s life processes, from simpler tasks like breathing to more varied operations that also include basic and complex perception abilities, memory retention, and recall. Many regard it as “plastic,” which signifies that it continues to grow and develop as a result of one’s learning and experiences. This “plasticity” of the brain has encouraged many to engage in cognitive training, which is a wider term for tools that help improve our memory, perception, and other cognitive skills.

What exactly is brain training?

Training your brain entails participating in various activities that test and enhance the abilities of an individual in various fields. For instance, games that involve the use of visuospatial reasoning, dance, art, music, and so on.

brain games offers a variety of tests, assessments, and interventions designed by a team of professional scientists, psychologists, neurologists, and even engineers, to know, evaluate, and decipher the current position of an individual’s cognitive health. Each test is created for different categories of cognition. Based on the results of a total of 23 tests, the company also provides a personalised training programme with an immediate understanding of where an individual stands. This regime is tailored for the specific needs and requirements of an individual—geared towards their unique personal cognitive growth and development.

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Brain training programmes primarily involve the evaluation, development, and enhancement of the following cognitive skills and abilities:

  • Memory
  • Perception
  • Comprehension
  • Reasoning
  • Co-ordination
  • Concentration

Aside from these, there are numerous other tools that can be used to improve the various functions and activities of the brain. This includes specially designed games that work on training, enhancing, and improving various skills. CogniFit also offers a variety of functions that determine an individual’s performance level and growth – it becomes easy for an individual to assess how far they have come.

With the help of these assessment tools, they measure cognitive skills and how they are related to neurological disorders. Not only are these tools made for schools, families, or organisations, but they are also designed for individuals who want to take the tests themselves and improve along the lines of mental capabilities.