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Tenrows website is one of the best review websites that assists you in determining the best metal detector to suit your needs. The website consists of metal detectors that experts have personally had the chance to use and experiment with. They provide you with a guide on Top 19 metal detectors: models both for the beginners and professionals. Here you can find reviews on plenty of bigger and better detectors available as well as plenty of less expensive metal detectors available.

They provide as much information as possible to assist you in making an informed decision before making a purchase of metal detector. This website offers many of the best metal detectors, as well as it does in depth metal detector reviews of all the top metal detector brands. With their Top 19 metal detectors: models both for the beginners and professionals, you can know about the best metal detector that suits your needs.

The most common question that many people ask is – “what is the best metal detector” or “which metal detector suits best for my purpose of detection”.  Tenrows website team members do their best to answer that question and review some frequently asked questions at the same time.

metal detector

However, the main thing you need to know is that there is nothing as just one best metal detector. You can find plenty of various detectors available for sale, that each serve a different purpose. So it is vital to understand what it is you want to find so that you can choose the best possible metal detector for your desired use. Check out to know more about it.

Garrett AT Pro is one of the best all Round metal detectors. Mainly, when it comes to being a gun all round metal detector, Garrett AT Pro is one of the best metal detectors that packs in so much value when compared to other more expensive metal detectors available online. Beginners who are just starting out with metal detection will probably find this Garrett AT Pro to be a preferred one. As an added benefit, it is also the type of metal detector that is going to last you for years and years. This metal detector has enough features to keep even the expert metal detectors happy, while it is simple enough to operate for the novice.

On the other hand, if you can afford to spend a bit more, it is highly recommended to look after Garrett ACE 250 which comes with a better search coil and a couple of extra features. Though this Garrett ACE 250 is quite expensive, it is a far superior metal detector than the bounty hunter, and is easier to learn to operate. On Tenrow’s website, you can also compare prices and functionalities.