As a smart business owner, you are sure to know that the success of every venture depends a great deal on the communication that exists among all your employees. An easy, clear communication channel is vital to keep each one of them happy and satisfied and also keeps you abreast with almost everything that is going on in the office. Effective communication creates a team with high commitment and great performance. An attitude of co-operation leads to a positive atmosphere where everyone is always beaming with enthusiasm and positivity. It can also be a platform of learning for the staff members.

In order to make your internal business communication tools work, you need to follow a few easy steps. It will not only keep every information regarding the ongoing projects open to everybody’s eyes, but also help in finding solutions to any problem those surfaces, as easier communication leads to faster detection of problem areas.

Ways To Keep The Internal Communication in Your Office Smart and Cool

  • When you yourself want to communicate something to your staff members and your project managers, you definitely need them to listen to you carefully and remember the message. What best way is there to do that than sending them a video? This way is much more engaging and the effect of an audio – visual presentation is much longer lasting on their minds than written messages sent via e-mails or mobile sms.
  • Launching your very own social network within the organisation can have great impact on the way people communicate amongst themselves. This helps in removing the hitches created by manager – staff relationships. It’s a social site, so everyone is equal. Everyone is free to express opinions, file complaints, and give suggestions. You get to judge how each person in the organisation is capable of adding value to the projects, and utilise his services accordingly.

Communication Tools

  • It is best to make all communications a two – way process. The decisions must not seem to be handed down by the management and imposed on the rest of the members. Their opinion and active participation is essential is framing every new rule and making every decision. That has to be communicated to them in very clear terms through the internal communication tools.
  • In the new era of Internet, you must make full use of your mobile and net tools to communicate with the various departments. Your very own mobile can make a big difference. Use your Smartphone to set up a smart communication channel with all of your employees, even those who are placed at remote locations and supervising or executing a project.
  • You can also take recourse to a printed monthly newsletter sort of a publication to express what you visualise for the company and what you have in mind for the people who are regularly helping you to achieve your vision and mission. All the staff members get to know more about the company and can remain fully updated about the status of the various projects that are currently running.

In conclusion, you must understand that it is for your own self estimation and understanding where your precious business stands or is heading, that you need to keep an open communication with the people who are working in the organisation.