Many people are still searching for an answer to the question, “What is the best external hard drive for Macbook?” If you know the right features to look for, the question is not as perplexing as it sounds. What exactly do you want from your Macbook’s external drive? Obviously, you want a hard drive that will take advantage of the quick plug-ins.

mac external hard drive  is often data transfer bus-powered; they only require just a cable for data and power connection; there is no need for additional power supply. They can be connected to a computer through USB 3.0, USB 2.0, FireWire 400, FireWire 800, and eSATA.

The importance of portable storage drives is many. Do you need an external backup of your files; do you want some extra space to store videos or songs? An external HDD is used for three main purposes: to expand the storage capacity in your computer, for data backup and for data transfer between computers. Choosing the best external hard drive for Macbook can be a bit difficult with the number of people producing it nowadays.

With recent improvement in technology, drives are getting smaller by the day and the capacity keeps increasing. In order to conclude that a drive is the best external hard drive for Macbook, we will not be focusing on the size alone, we will also consider the speed, connectivity and the market price.

Listed below are some features you should look for if you want to get the best external hard drive for Macbook. It must be portable: There may be a need to use it outside your homes; you are advised to get a hard drive that is light weight. Some are enclosed in durable aluminum case to make it lightweight and easy to carry.Your focus must be speed. Get a drive that does not have too many bundled software features that can slow it down.

For fast and convenient data transfer, always go for a hard drive that has many ports like the USB 2.0 and the FireWire 400/800. With this, you can always select the interface you want to work on. A multiple interface is always good if you want to get the fastest speed possible you should go for a drive that is pre-formatted with HFS, for ease of use. Some drives designed for the Macbook can be reformatted to work with Windows operating systems so that you are not limited to just one operating system.Some drives also come with a year subscription of a good antivirus for Mac software to reduce the risk of getting a virus while using the internet. Some also comes with an online backup service like MozyHome to guide against total loss of important files if the drive crashes. A quick start guide or manual is also good to have. With this, you know you have a handy reference which you can always consult whenever the need arises.

If you want the best external hard drive for Macbook, go for one that can work perfectly with both FireWire and USB. I will also advise you to go for the largest drive you can afford, you may not need the extra space now, who knows, and you may need it tomorrow.