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Computers are becoming a part of human life and it is impossible to imagine life without this. All the fields are using computers for all kinds of activities. The data related to the functions and reports are to be saved on the computers. These are called files and have specific sizes according to the data or content. These files are transferrable and for better operation, it is mandatory to share the files where ever needed. The transfer of files can be done from one system to another system using the network. It may be a local area or wide area network. The user can perform the transfer by file upload online with the service provider. Dropbox, Microsoft, Apple, Google Drive, iCloud,etc some of the cloud service providers in the field to store and share the files. These all offer services are inclusive of collaboration features, synchronization, and sharing facilities. Sharing the files is easy with these where with one click. These are all available in the form of desktop and mobile applications.  Hence can be used this cloud services with both computers and smartphones.

file upload online

Google Drive Cloud Service

Among these, Google drive is one of the best file-sharing services. Thisis actually integratedwith other productivity applications like Google doc etc. It offers free storage to users up to 15 GB. Also, more storage capacity can be availed under the payment method. Different types of files such as documents, videos, audios, and images can be stored and shared between the users. The users can upload, edit, view, and share the file with Google drive. Getting this service is not a difficult process where the one having a Google login facility can easily access it. It can be accessed using the internet facility. Without the internet, it is difficult to file upload online.

File Uploading and Sharing Procedure

Fine, How to upload and share the file using Google Drive? Let us see. On the user’s computer open the site, in that click the option ‘New’ in that select the File upload or Folder. Now choose the files from the destination to upload into the drive. Once it is uploaded into the drive, the respective link can be generated using the option available on the page. Copy the link and send it to the location where the user wants to share. There is anoption in this where the file access can be restricted using the option given.