LED signs

Without a doubt, signage is crucial to the business. Signs companies offer varieties of signage to serve various purposes. For instance, telling customers the right location the store, highlight brands contained in the store, opening and closing hours, etc. However, not every sign designed the same in this era since they’ve been constant technology innovation.

If you are looking for the latest illuminated sign, neon signs are here to offer three major contenders. Neon signs are designed to illuminate LED and fluorescent signs. So, take your opportunity to choose the precise one that suits your company. In most cases, LED signs work perfectly for most companies because of the following reasons:

The rates

Initially, the most costly LED signs were fluorescent and other neon illuminated signs. However, you will find out that cost-saving is not crucial than buying a durable product. You can save some extra cash by choosing LED products technology. Other benefits of buying LED technology products include low power consumption, higher lighting lifespan and affordable maintenance costs. Since neon glass is typically fragile, it always requires high volts that can result in higher maintenance rates.

LED Signage Illumination

Multiple Uses

Fluorescent and Neo signs are naturally fixed. They are expensive and challenging to change copy or graphics. Programmable signs are easy to change on the keyboard. So, you can display any particular message, graphics and promotion. You can also customize the LED sign on your daily message.


Fluorescent and stationary neon can also be eye-catching and attractive. LED also comes with more benefits of copying and moving graphics, improving client visibility despite the nature of the surrounding lighting sources.

Environmental Advantages

Significant places where LED technology surpasses neon by far and fluorescent signs are the surrounding friendliness. Fluorescent bulbs and Neon tubes contain some harmful chemicals such as mercury which are dangerous to human’s health.

However, LED is much safer to use in any environment, and also they come with a remarkable feature of low power consumption. They also assist to easy the power grid demand, thus makes them the most preferred option.

Future Proof

Neon signs also come with their particular uses, but when it comes to the upcoming days, it seems the industry is moving dramatically towards the LED technology. Thus, it means investing in the LED business is currently offering future-proof signage choices down the way.

Eventually, most neon products will fail and to replace them can be either impossible or costly. Alternatively, LED technology has become much available widely, heavily adopted and budget-friendly


Finally, it can be obviously concluded that when fluorescent lighting, neon and signage are paraded against the LED product, LED will still remain the most preferred brand. Regardless of the advancement that comes with LED technology, fluorescent, neon, and signage will always have a significant part to play.