Trust is probably one of the most important things to have in any relationship, whether it is a romantic relationship or a work relationship, trust is one of the foundations that make it work. One of the most important things to remember is that trust can be broken, especially by people who have a habit of lying. While little white lies might seem harmless, they can grow into a habit, a habit that can be harmful and destructive. These people who develop a habit for lying can quite possibly lie every single time just to gain approval of the people surrounding them.

Such cases are usual for people who want to apply for a certain job and romanticize their resumes or CVs just to get the approval of the higher-ups and land the job, a job wherein they have no prior background working on. While the “fake it ‘til you make it” phrase might hold some truth to it, there are instances wherein living with this phrase might cause problems especially in the business world which is why a lot of companies subject applicants and would-be employees to a lie detector test. While subjecting applicants to a polygraph test might seem a little bit too extreme for a job interview, companies that pride themselves on the quality of work they do and ensure that every employee is capable of following through.

Weeding out applicants 

Subjecting applicants to a polygraph exam might help the company narrow down their options. When applying for a certain job, a lot of applicants usually tend to overdo their resume in the hopes of getting hired. While this might seem harmless to them, it might put the company’s name in jeopardy when in the event that these applicants do get hired and can’t deliver what was promised. Of course, there are stages of a job interview that can already thin the list of applicants but people who have a habit of lying might have a chance of easily getting past these exams, even face to face interviews with human resources. The polygraph exam might seem a bit too much but it ensures that every new hire is telling the truth about what he or she has put in their resume.

Develop trust with the company 

Trust is a very important aspect of any company, trust between the employer and the employee as well as trust between the co-workers and what better way to develop trust with the company than by being truthful. Of course, being honest might not land that individual the job position he or she has applied for but at least they maintain good reputation with the company and would have a higher probability of getting hired compared to one whose resume looks too good to be true. Polygraph tests in a job interview help determine whether the applicant is capable of doing what he or she has stated as per the resume or they are just trying to paint a good picture without really having any background experience in the position they are applying to.

Every company prides themselves in the quality of work they are doing and that is reflected by the performance of their employees. In ensuring that the quality of the company’s services remain the same or improve, subjecting applicants and would-be hires to a polygraph exam to make sure that what they put on their resume is true and not just some self-marketing stunt is important to keep that company’s quality of work intact. One bad review is enough to make or break the company’s reputation, especially in this day and age of technology wherein word can travel fast through social media.