Google Premier Partner Awards

Among the various challenges a digital marketing company has to face, making it to the Premier Partner Awards is one of the toughest. Making it to the list is deserving of credit and appreciation and winning the award would be a great achievement. The agencies work hard and employ Google ads to promote their clients’ interests and businesses. The Google Premier Partner Awards are to appreciate these efforts of the various agencies.

Who are the Premier partners?

There is no set standard to measure against but many considerations are taken into account. To be a premier partner is already an achievement and winning the awards comes next. The various factors that make an advertising agency become a premier partner include the amount of investment made, the number of ad campaigns run and their quality, use of available means, etc. Agencies have to use all the means at their disposal and also deliver results to make it to the premier list.

Delivering results is one of the most important factors and agencies should focus on satisfying their clients’ requests and designing effective ads and ad campaigns.

What are the different categories of Awards?

Google Premier Partner Awards has 6 categories. At first, these awards are conducted regionally. The winners of the regional round compete globally. The following are the categories under which the agencies are awarded:

  • Shopping Excellence award is given to the agency that has used shopping advertising to boost client sales and attract more customers.
  • Video Excellence award takes into account the promotion and advertising of clients’ businesses through video ads. It considers the creativity and the impact of the video ads, amongst other factors.
  • App Excellence award is given to the online marketing agency that has used methods and ways to increase the number of downloads of clients’ apps.
  • Display Excellence award is given to the agency that utilizes the Google Display Network effectively. The Network is used to make old and new customers interact with the clients’ businesses.
  • Search Excellence is won by the agency that uses the core function of the search engine to provide search ads and help reach customers to the client’s business. The search ads help customers with what they are looking for and connect them to the appropriate client’s business to increase sales.
  • Growing Business Online is awarded to the agency that has left a mark on digital advertising and has expanded at an accelerated rate through innovation.

Therefore, the categories are distinct and through continuous hard work and innovation, any agency can be a part of the Awards.