video camera rental

Videography requires skills and creativity. However, this does not mean that only the pros can do it. Even if you are a newbie, you can take videos with exceptional quality. Read this article and we’ll let you know how to take stellar videos.

  1. Start with the Right Gear

The first thing you need is the right gear for shooting videos. It does not necessarily have to be expensive. You don’t even need to buy brand-new. Consider a video camera rental to save money. This way, you can also experiment with different models and brands of video cameras. When you start with high-quality equipment, it will be easier to take high-quality videos.

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  1. Emphasize Audio Clarity

A great video has two important elements – visual and audio. The video is useless without sound. Most people can tolerate low video quality, but many won’t be able to do the same when it comes to poor audio. Whether it is a recorded conversation or music added to the video, pay attention to the audio that will be integrated. If you want to record audio from the subject, see to it that the camera has an external microphone and position it as close as possible to the subject. You also have to get rid of background noise.

  1. Be Original

With the rise of vlogging, a lot of people aspire to be famous through uploading videos online. To stand out above all others, find an original concept. Work on a novel idea that has not been done by anyone yet. It is a waste of time to make videos that are just the same as what everyone else has taken. Before you start with the shoot, create a storyboard to have a concrete vision of what you want to achieve.

video camera rental

  1. Let There Be Light

Like in taking photos, lighting is a crucial element when shooting videos. Lighting does not only enhance the quality but also makes the video more capable of emotional stimulation. One of the basic video lighting techniques to master is the three-point lighting, which means that you will need a main light, fill light, and accent light. It makes the subjects look more interesting. Meanwhile, if you are shooting outdoors using natural light, keep the sun behind you.

  1. Use a Video Editing Software

Post-processing greatly impacts the quality of the video, which makes it important to download and use the best video editing software. Some of the options that should be on your list include Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, CyberLink Power Director, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, and Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium. They will add special effects in your videos, making it easy to play with your creativity.

You don’t need to be a pro to take great videos. Take note of our suggestions above and it will be easier to shoot videos with top-notch quality.