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Night vision becomes essential when you are away from home. For what reason? Imagine that you are traveling on the other side of the world, and on the very best of being visited by thieves. If you do not have a latest generation infrared outdoor camera that communicates, typically with an alert, the visit in progress, you will never be able to anticipate the moves of the criminals and avoid the danger of an infringement. Not only that: because you risk remaining in doubt until the end, and not knowing if those intruders were thieves or perhaps simple nuisances. Eliminating the doubt will allow you to end your holiday without stress and without necessarily contacting relatives, neighbors or the police If you need to buy a high speed camera in Malaysia, East West SVC might be worth checking out.

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Hypothesis of night vision while at home

And if you are at home you are in no danger, right? Not at all! Imagine you are on the first floor and hear noises coming from the tavern, usually closed and dark. You are sure that you have closed everything as usual, and that you are not waiting for a visit from anyone. How can you tell if something strange is happening if not with a camera equipped with infrared vision? You can even watch the images in real time from your smartphone, having immediate feedback on the presence or absence of strangers. If the same thing happens while you are in the garden busy cutting the hedge with headphones, your smartphone will vibrate in your pocket, signaling you with an alert that someone is trying to break into the house!

And these were just two examples of the potential of an infrared camera. The casuistry is truly infinite, and ranges from rare but not impossible situations to more recurring possibilities that could interest anyone in an apartment or in a villa surrounded by greenery. It is difficult to protect yourself without a system that lives up to expectations, that is, a system that knows how to protect you from any attack both in broad daylight and at night.

Integrate an infrared camera into the alarm system

It goes without saying that infrared night vision alone is not a deterrent, either indoors or outdoors. Seeing the images does not mean automatically chasing away thieves. It is therefore important to combine the camera with additional devices such as motion detectors, automatic LED lighting systems (such as the flash, to simulate the taking of a photograph), and even intelligent alarm sirens and audio recordings to scare potential burglars. Very useful in this sense is the use of wireless cameras (wireless), devices that greatly simplify the connections and storage of images, without forcing you to do masonry work and the involvement of an electrician.