How certain are you that all your mobile transactions and processes are safe? Are you even sure about the built-in security that your smartphone has? Is there any assurance that your financial information is safe? Most people rely on their smartphones these days for the most basic transactions. This behavior and choice are highly understandable especially since this is something more convenient and easier. You only need to tap and click several things for transactions to be finished. In the past, you have to spend serious effort, time, and there’s even a need to rearrange your schedule for these things. But even if you decide to make use of these choices, it’s still necessary to consider the security that the method can provide. You always have to be careful since you’re dealing with a different kind of threat.

The stages and options for multi-factor authentication you can use.

Registered phone. This is the lowest level of security that the program offers. But there’s a need to ensure that the phone is actually registered to make sure that there are no difficulties when going through the process. Most people prefer this. Once the phone is verified, you are allowed to make use of the services and start with transactions. You just have to be sure that the current number and unit is registered in their system. 

PIN Number. This is something that is very familiar to most individuals especially since this is often the method used by many people in making sure that they can protect their information or finances. And it’s also what they use for verification. A series of numbers are often used. Others find this convenient especially since they only need to remember a number that’s essential to them. 

Facial biometrics. One of the more advanced means of authentication, facial biometrics is hard to trick. When your face is not the registered owner, there’s no way you can unlock something or do specific things to proceed with the process. Since the facial register of every person is different, this is considered the most efficient means for authentication. On top of that, it requires cutting-edge technology to guarantee that it’ll work and be accurate.

Digital Signature. This is the virtual representation of your actual signature. You can also choose to add this to the list of options for authentication if you wish to. Some people are quite proud of their signatures because it’s quite difficult to copy. And there are specific things that are often registered when you use this specific method. The system can easily tell by the stroke of the hand if someone is trying to copy it or not.

If you visit, you’ll be able to know more about the different things that the whole program can offer. It’s recommended that you make use of the four steps and choices to ensure optimum security. But you can also decide between several choices. It’s going to be inconvenient if you have to go through the multi-factor authentication every single time. Choose according to what you prefer.