About UK

As we all know, United Kingdom is more famous all over the world. There are many usual things which we all know about UK. But there are many interesting facts which many people are not aware of. This article is written in order to reveal some of the most interesting facts about UK which are rarely known to the world.

Big Ben

While considering the places in UK, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is London. Obviously the first thing which gets reflected while thinking about London is the Big Ben. Many people tend to have a wrong through that Big Ben is the name of the clock in the great clock tower. But this is not the fact. The reality is Big Ben is not the name of the clock but it is the name of the bell which is fixed inside the clock.

Transport system

Even though it is quite hard to believe the place where one can find the oldest transport system in the world is London. But even though the system is very old, they have the vast transport system beyond ones imagination. Still many of these traditional stations are used and some among them are left unused. However, they are maintained in good condition. Apart from this, the red buses of London are very famous all around the world. Traveling in these red buses will be more fun and exciting that this cannot be experienced elsewhere in the world.

Interesting facts about UK

Birthday card

In this busy world, people don’t have enough time to greet the people in their family on their birthday. In many cases, people never bother about the birthday of their loved ones. But the people of UK are really blessed. Especially people who turn 100 will definitely receive a birthday card from the Queen. The most interesting thing is the birthday card will be a personalized card which comes directly from Queen. This card will be received to each and every senior citizen who is crossing hundred years.

UK channels

Even though the names of the UK channels are famous all over the world, these channels tend to handle the geo blocking system. That is these channels cannot be watched from any location other than UK. However, the technology has paid way for the crazy lovers of UK channels. They can watch their favorite UK channels through online. They IP address can be hidden in order to watch these channels through online. People who need more information about the sources to watch UK channels through online can refer http://uktvabroad.org/. Through the guidelines one can watch the UK channels without considering the location as a constraint. This will be the right choice even for the people of UK who are living in other parts of the world.