Workings of IP address

Info about IP address

IP address which is called as the internet protocol address can reveal information about your location like it can reveal about zip or postal code, the state and the city from where you are accessing the internet. The websites which you are browsing on the internet can even gather a lot more information about you. They combine the IP address with the cookies, trackers etc.

IP address working

Types of IP address

Internet protocol is of two types. They are public IP address and private IP address. Let’s discuss about them. All over the internet there cannot exist two computers with the same public IP address. When connected to the internet, the public internet protocol address connects to every computer where in the IP address is unique. Because od this addressing scheme, there is possibility of finding the computers each other online and they exchange the necessary information. When a computer is assigned with an IP address, the user will have no access to change it. When the computer is connected to the internet gateway, then the public internet protocol address is assigned by the internet service provider.

The best example to learn about private IP address is Lan. When the IP address is within the range of the IP address which are assigned for some private networks and they are reserved to them, then it is Private internet protocol address. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority which is called as IANA has reserved three spaces for the private IP address. The devices which use this private IP address cannot connect to the internet directly

IP address working

Let us know how ip address works. For segregation and utilization of an IP address into two parts, subnet mask is used. One of the part will identify the host which means computer and the other part will identify the network to which it fits. Look at an IP (Internet Protocol) address and see how it is organized for the better understanding how subnet masks and the internet protocol look and work. There are two parts for an internet protocol address. They are the host ID and network ID. The second number which is associated with the internet protocol address is called the subnet mask.