Secured Search Engine

Surfing online is risky if you fail to secure personal information. Privacy is one major reason why many users’ information being hacked. Users fail to keep their data private like hitting the “save” button for the password. Indeed, most web browsers asked to save data or never. But, for some users who are lazy of logging in to a particular website choose to save. Although it is a better idea to have an easy and quick browsing on the website, it might be a risk. Why? For example, when you do an online banking transaction, you will ask to log in to your account. So, when you keep it public, you are putting the account at risk, which is not advisable. Now, if you are looking for searching for something, you will instantly research on the search engine.

What is a search engine?

A search engine is a programmed database where searches and identifying items can be performed. It corresponds to characters or keywords specified by the user. It is a specialized program for finding websites. Users should know that a search engine is not just alone, like the popularly known “Google”. When speaking about search engine, people instantly speaks out Google. But, did you know that there are more of them that are more private and secure? Search engines provide good and bad information; anything you search. It is expected that you will get tons of information from different parts of the world. With the help of an Internet connection, anyone from different parts of the world can use a search engine. But, only a few of them offer reliable searching while providing privacy.

Secured Search Engine

The top-rated private search engine

When speaking about the search engine, 3 of them are rated on top. It provides security and privacy of the user while browsing or searching what they are looking for. Here are the top 3 that you can use:

1.) DuckDuckGo. This is rated as the 7th largest search engine giving privacy to the user. A user is prevented from being tracked. It has more than 400 sources to find results. Although it saves the history of the searches yet don’t get connected with the user. The income earned is not from the ads but commissions paid from affiliate websites.

2.) SwissCows. This search engine is one of the best Google alternatives that never save any data of a user. It is oriented and sticks to one content, so you will not find results that are not connected. It provides a faster result and content-oriented. SwissCows has a personal advertising concept where it never passes personal data to the advertisers.

3.) This search engine is called the metasearch engine. It aggregates the results of the other search engines. Also, it never stores information about users.