The names vape and box mods are the specific categories of modified e-cigarettes. Earlier when electronic cigarettes were invented they gained huge popularity among the smokers. These are the devices delivering the same feeling of tobacco smoking but not that harmful to the health. These devices come in different shapes and sizes and features. Mods are the most technologically advanced devices introduced till date. Regardless of their shapes and features, these devices are mainly included in two categories: regulated vape mods and unregulated or mechanical vape mods. The regulated vape mods which are in box-shaped are called the box mods. Outstanding vape and box mods can be customized according to the customers’ requirements.

Regulated vape mods

An advanced personal vaporizer or regulated vape mod is one of the most popular mods in this time. They are more powerful and stylish. They include various security-related features to deal with accidental misuses.

Box mods:

Most of the regulated devices are box mods. These box mods are technically very advanced and have various options for the customers to set their priority according to their need. A box device is bigger than cig-a-like. The device contains a large tank where the coil is placed. Some of the advanced box mods have temperature control facility. So, you can increase the temperature whenever you want a warmer vapor and vice versa. These temperature controlled box devices are known as the regulated box mods.

Herb vape mods: these are the vaporizers with herbal vapor. If you wish to smell herbal vapors constantly, this is the best for you. This is a basic box mod whose tank is filled with dry herbs. The heating coil is placed inside the tank. It takes a couple of seconds to heat up properly. Then it makes those dry herbs to vaporize and you will feel the actual smell of herbs. It provides the best vaping to the users. Actually, the effects of e-cigarettes are still unknown to us. Dry herb vapors cannot be harmful to the health.

Mod E-cig: this is the intermediate device for vaping. It is an upgraded version of cig-a-like and eGo pens. As the better option of these two E-cig mods are the best next option. These kits are one of the most powerful vaping kits. They also offer advanced features almost similar to the regulated vape mods or box mods. It comes with the variable voltage and wattage options and sometimes you can get the most upgraded feature that is the temperature control. E-cig mods are normally available in box-shape and tubular. The battery may be internal or sometimes you need to buy them separately.

Atomizers: these devices are referred to those which heat up the e-liquid and transform it into fantastic clouds of vapor. An atomizer includes a simple electric circuit with a positive pole and a negative pole. The resistance in between them heats up the pass electric current through it. Thus it vaporizes the e-juice and the user gets the vapor.

So, these are the most outstanding vape and box mods available in the market you can select for. If you are confident regarding your needs, it will be very easy for you to choose the best option.