When it comes to PCB design, Promwad engineering company comes first. The company offers the best services in circuit board design for the client’s product. Truth be told, with 13 years of completing countless PCB projects development & manufacturing, Promwad would not go wrong in such projects. The varied types of PCB include, single and double-sided, multilayer with packages of BGA, analog and digital. All these types enable the company to provide all layout services with a lot of expertise. To view and read more on the various electronics and software design go to https://promwad.com/

Promwad Company also offers services on Rapid Pcb design aimed at sophisticated boards. The qualified team of engineers from Promwad works simultaneously on your project ensuring rapid development while maintaining the product quality. The speed with which our teamwork works on the development of a design does not affect the products quality. We offer the following services in PCB design.

We design numerous PC boards’ types which include;

  • Digital, analog, and high-frequency PCBs
  • Single and double-sided PCBs
  • Multilayer boards having BGA packages and blind& buried vias
  • Hardware analysis, simulation, and modeling

Our company complies with the DFT, DFM and DFA standards as well as the IPC international standards. This compliance offers the following benefits when it comes to PCB design and developments.

First, the cost of assembling and manufacturing circuit board is lowered significantly hence it is economical to the client and Pomwad company as well.

The time taken in entire product production is lower as compared to the time taken when there is no compliance with DFT, DFM, and DFA.

There is a production of high-quality circuit boards produced through the mass production process

Increases the reliability of circuit boards as well as the acceptance rate of mass production

Compliance allows for JTAG and ICT testing acceptability

There are various projects that our company has accomplished successfully following a step by step approach to developing the design for PCB layout.  You should read more here https://promwad.com/ to have an insight of what we a capable of doing. You will be able to find the turnkey projects by prom wad electronics and engineering company. We also provide quotations for our customers and should you need a PCB design &layout, and we always have contacts at https://promwad.com/. Reach us as you read more about our outstanding services in electronics and engineering field developing both software and electronic devices.

What tools do our engineers use for hardware development?

For those who understand the engineering language, you may testify that Promwad company uses the best tool and technology for electronics’ hardware development. They work with interfaces, processor architecture, and the memory tapes which are the most recent technologies globally.

We also use the best microprocessors, electronic components that were manufactured by global leaders such as Intel, NXP, TI, ST, Broadcom, analog devices among others.