Proxy servers, the very name that will bring the twinkle in the eyes of the hackers and nightmare with the security watchers. The best thing about the proxy server is it has super cute babies too. Yes!!!! For more information, visit the site regarding Netflix proxy error

Why are they a hero?

Long story short, they are considered as a beneficial server by the people and a headache by the government and also by the corporate business people. Why so?  Because they give access to the site across the world like we are living in that country. This will cause some huge loss to the websites.


The websites that we are using have access to whatever we are looking for online from the type of music you listen online to the place you wants to visit. They know what you are planning for the weekend to whoever you are coming with. So, they can easily alter the rate and demand for the product by it. But with VPNs, it is not possible.

Netflix proxy error

Ohhhh!!! The babies:-

VPN server has four babies which are nursed by people all over the world. They are :

  • Anonymous proxy.
  • High anonymity proxy.
  • Transparent proxy and
  • Reverse proxy.

Anonymous proxy:-

An anonymous proxy is one of the most known and widely used proxy servers in general. They help in giving the privacy one wants that to all the time. It has no access to your own IP address and communication, just the one most of us desire.

High anonymity proxy:-

If you are flattered by the anonymous proxy then you will fell in love with the high anonymity proxy. These type of server doesn’t show they are a proxy and will not store your IP address in its system. Instead, it will show the search made by you as the search made by them. Fascinating right??!!

Transparent proxy:-

As the name suggests this type of proxies helps with the search but will not conceal the information. The arena of a much-wanted proxy in the market.

Reverse proxy:-

To make it simple this type of proxies is the one with the help of which the request will be passed from internet to the private network but through a security firewall system. This is to prevent direct access to the sensitive data and information available in the private network. They have a lot of rules and regulations to be maintained.

You can even build your own proxy if you want and are skilled in the field. There are a lot of companies offering the proxy building with ease. Follow the step by step instruction provided and tada you have to build it. For further details please check