Even at the most modern food liquid manufacturing plants, it is impossible to get rid of 100% of marriage. Therefore, enterprises are doing everything possible to effectively identify defects in products. The optimal solution would be to purchase equipment specifically designed for these purposes in your production.

A visual inspection machine is an installation that moves filled, sealed but not yet labelled containers in front of the operator in a special illuminated inspection area. The operator, in turn, monitors the integrity of the container and the quality of its closure, and he also identifies foreign matter in bottles.

Visual Inspection

The visual inspection unit in the filling line goes immediately behind the capping machine (or behind the triblock, since plants of this type perform the capping operation). After it, the container is sent to the labelling, carried out on the labelling equipment. The Visual Inspection Machine works with much importance there.

  • The company produces and sells apparatus for visual inspection of products. In our assortment this equipment is represented by two models:
  • Linear installation of VK-6. It is equipped with a frequency converter that allows you to adjust the performance within 50-100%.
  • Carousel type installation with inverter.
  • Both models give out productivity within the limits of 3000–6000 inspected bottles per hour.

The companies in the market arefor a great many years, so we are a reliable supplier of processing equipment for food industry enterprises. Cooperating with us, you get products directly from the manufacturer.

The machine of visual control (marriage machine) is used to visually check the integrity of the bottles, the quality of corking and the presence of foreign matter in the bottling lines of alcoholic beverages, wine, mineral waters. The frequency converter installed in the machine allows you to adjust the performance from 50 to 100%. The Visual Inspection System Manufacturer works perfectly there.

The Next Level

Bottles arriving after capping on a linear conveyor are transferred to the carriers by the loading asterisk. Next, the media with the bottle are turned over and pass through the control zone. In case of defects, the operator rejects the bottles at the touch of a button.

Machine for visual inspection of bottles VK-6 (linear type) Appointment for visual inspection of food liquids in sealed, continuously moving bottles in order to detect foreign matter, to check the integrity of the bottles and the quality of their corking in food packaging lines.

The machine has a frequency converter that allows you to adjust performance in operating mode – from 50 to 100%.

Machine Operation

The filled and corked bottles arriving through the transport device are separated by a screw in steps and fed into the loading asterisk, which transfers them to the carriers. With further movement, the bottles turn upside down and in this position pass the illuminated control zone.It is delivered customized for one type of bottle, according to the provided sample.

Enterprises engaged in the manufacture of food products are required to produce quality products without a single flaw. As well as the production, transportation and storage of food products must be carried out strictly according to generally accepted standards.