By the time you finish reading this, more than 600 hours of videos would have already been uploaded on YouTube. To everybody’s surprise, over 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every single minute. Yes, you read it correctly; every single minute. Imagine the amount of data and videos on YouTube right now and how much work it has to do. It is not easy to provide such a humungous medium for people to watch and upload videos on one single platform. Due to the laws of some countries, its expanse has been hindered; otherwise; YouTube is ubiquitous. Every child, teenager, adult, senior citizen, mother, father, family, friends you may or may not know has some knowledge about it.

Your mother may check cooking videos on it, your father may want to watch car repair tutorials, and your sister may follow some healthcare and beauty channels. The point being, there is something on YouTube for everybody. Nobody can say that I went to YouTube today and did not find what I wanted. It seems like YouTube is the perfect invention of this age.

Well, nothing is perfect in this world. Among all these features and benefits of YouTube, there is still one thing that rattles in everybody’s mind, and that is you cannot download a video directly into your device from it. It is believed that the developers have deliberately not added this feature since it would cut down the number of visitors on their website. However, let the critics say what they want. To solve this issue, there is an easy to use tool, and its service quality is second to none.

For all those who want to download the YouTube videos directly to their device, is the destination where you want to go. On the front page, you will see a big white bar in the center. All you need to do is paste the link of your favorite video here and click on download.

Next, you will notice some video formats along with their sizes given on the page. Select the format in which you want the video, and the download process will start in no time. When the download is complete, you can enjoy your video endlessly until you delete it from the device. Well, in that case, you can download it again because is not going anywhere.

Various other websites and tools can do the same work. However, none of them has such friendly user-interface and the number of formats like this tool.