The Best Platforms To Optimize Video Marketing

Creating and making use of an online video presence is an important marketing tool in today’s competitive marketing world. Video marketing uses videos as a medium to promote their business, product, brand or service. With so many social media platforms creating video displaying options, it has helped open up more opportunities for the marketing sector. Videos are a guaranteed way to maximizing its reach.

Aside from displaying videos on their respective domains, its also crucial to share them at various other platforms to engage a larger audience. Some of the most commonly preferred platforms are mentioned below.

  1. YouTube:

Ever since its introduction, this app has taken the internet by a storm. It is estimated that more than 1 billion people watch a wide-range of videos, commercials and documentaries on this app. Advertisements and promotions play an integral part of this platform. With its help millions of brands and agencies have benefited in the marketing field. It is the largest search engine in the world after google, its parent company. Hence anyone can use this platform either to gain authority, to build brands, to find PR opportunities, to showcase their product or even to feature customer testimonials.

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  1. Instagram:

Millions of videos are being uploaded and watched on this platform, thereby enabling brand marketing. While this app only allows the posting of short video clips, the added feature of stories, IGTV and live instagram has made it an ideal platform to market the things that interest the millions of millennial using this app.

  1. Facebook:

Similarly, Facebook has also added these features where video marketing can be used. You have to keep in mind though that the live feature of these apps is can only be viewed temporarily and you need to use them according to that. Making sure to engage on these platforms through the comment section will make it even more engaging to the audiences.

Now if you are looking to market your videos on all these platforms, then you need to have a tool that can help you maintain, organize and prioritize the use of these social media apps. It’s not easy handling and juggling the work required to use all three social medias efficiently.

One such tool that can help businesses and brands to effectively make use of social media platforms for their marketing is by making use of



In simple terms, this is in all in one application that lets you create videos for all social media platforms. It is very user friendly and highly customizable to the preference of its users. It provides instant resize and optimization for all popular video formats, that are required for Facebook covers, or Instagram stories and even the 16:9 that’s applicable to YouTube. Once you edit these videos according to their ratios, you can easily share them on all these platforms. It has a multitude of editing tools to enhance video and sound quality with a wide range of templates and professional as well as creative that is made to attract the audience.

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