When you are buying a high-end tablet, you do not need to check the specifications minutely as most of the tablets in the premium price range have awesome specifications in all departments. But when you are buying a budget tablet, you need to pay attention to every specification of the hardware as well as software in order to buy the best possible tablet within your budget. The best tablets under 100 dollars can be considered as budget tablets and the following is the list of parameters you need to keep in mind while choosing one.

Screen Size – The screen size is the first impression of a tablet. The standard size is 7 inches but you can easily get 8-inch tablet under 100 dollars. Not just that, you should aim at buying HD screen resolution for enjoying stunning color and vibrant video quality while watching movies or playing games.

Processor – Under 100 dollars, you should not settle without a quad-core processor clocked at least 1.3GHz. The brand of the processor also matters and MediaTek’s ones are to be avoided as they get heated up and hang quite often. You should instead go for Qualcomm and Intel-powered tablets.

RAM and Internal Storage – Most of the best tablets under 100 dollars have 2GB Ram. But if all other specifications are great, you can opt for 1.5GB RAM as well unless you are going to install heavyweight apps. If you are buying the tablet for gaming, you have to settle for the 2GB variant. Coming to internal storage, the higher it is, the better for you. It should be at least 16GB and the expansion option must be high like 200GB via microSD card. It is always good to have a large internal storage and additionally, you can store data in the free cloud storage space. This will save you the extra expense on a microSD card.

Camera – The cameras are tablets are never as good as a smartphone especially when your budget is limited. Under $100, you should go for the ones having a 5MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera. The ones providing 0.3 front camera should be avoided as it is useless and you will be frustrated after buying such a product. This is one parameter where you have to compromise.

Battery Life – You should never compromise on the battery life parameters. The tablets should offer 9 to 12 hours of battery life on normal usage and on a full charge. The term normal usage means laying games, watching movies, internet surfing, listening to songs as and when you please.

Apart from these, you can pay attention to the weight of the tablet, the sensors present and whether the tablet supports, voice call, voice command and the type of speakers it is sporting.