Although buying a CCTV camera was an expensive affair a few years ago, now that the price is within the reach of the common man, many have started using it for their personal and institutional needs and even as home security cameras. You can buy CCTV cameras whenever you want, but before that, you should be sure that they will give you the performance you want. So before buying it, you should think about some things that will save you from regretting later.  So before buying there are few considerations which should be considered:

 How do CCTV cameras work?

 Most of the CCTV cameras used for home security are solid-state electronic devices that are connected to a central recorder.  It is also known as the Closed Circuit Camera because it transmits video within a certain range.

 The main parts of a CC camera are lenses, sensors and DSP or digital signal processors.  The main function of the lens is to focus on the light which is then captured as a sensor image.  It then moves from the sensor to the DSP and that DSP converts it into the TV signal that we see on the screen.  It is important to note that the signal is stored wirelessly for later inspection at the specified location.

home security cameras.

 Determine what kind of needs you have

At the beginning of buying CCTV cameras, you should think about why you should buy a camera.  Suppose someone needs to monitor his home and someone needs someone for his organization.  Whatever it is, you need to specify your need first.  It will be very easy to buy your camera if you can identify it.

 Knowing the demand, a buyer can make the right decision and choose the best camera model appropriately.  This is why you need to know enough information about your CCTV camera in the beginning.

Learn about existing lenses

The job of the camera lens is to collect light for the sensor.  Everything the user sees or records on the DVR is through the lens.  The lens determines how far an object can be seen because the lens controls the focus.

Some CCTV camera models have the digital zoom and others have optical zoom which is controlled by a lens.  A buyer’s optical zoom should take precedence over digital zoom.  In digital zoom it cannot add any theory to the image on the other hand optical zoom can add new theory to the original image.

 Selecting the right sensor

 Not all digital sensors are the same.  There are two things to consider in verifying the specifications of a CCTV camera sensor: sensor type and sensor size.  Most sensors are not CMOS but CCD.  CMOS’s performance and sensitivity are both relatively lower than CCD’s.  As a result, it cannot capture clear images.