Top Five Best Practices of IT Operations Management You Should Know About

It is time that you take your IT to the next level. You should know about the ITOM (IT Operations Management). ITOM refers to the administrative area that handles the infrastructure components and requirements of the organisation’s networking, connectivity, applications, services, and storage.

Simply put, ITOM includes all the services and processes administered by the IT department from software to hardware, help desks, and mobile contracts. ITOM will ensure that methods and approaches are consistent, reliable and of quality service. In small businesses, in-house IT department likely conducts ITOM. There are some companies that also consider outsourcing services.

To maximise your IT team, here are the best practices of ITOM:

Detect problems before they happen
Initially, you consider digital transformation to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. To make these happen, you need active monitoring that can detect problems before they happen. The traditional mentality is to only call IT when something has happened. This is counterproductive and it can cost more at the end of the day.

If you consider ITOM, you move from the traditional mentality (of IT that can only fix problems as soon as they have occurred) to 24×7 real-time monitoring. This means IT can detect problems before they happen, which can significantly reduce your downtime.

IT Operations Management

Create goals and prioritise
The next best practice is creating goals and prioritising it accordingly. When creating goals, you should remember SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. To increase accountability and productivity, it is imperative that you clearly define the roles within your team.

In small businesses, IT teams struggle from understanding their workload as well as their priorities. The ITOM processes can help them by redirecting issues to the specific problem solver allowing you to utilise your resources optimally.

Choose the right service provider

Small businesses have to make a hard choice when it comes to managing costs and expectations. There is a solution – the right managed service provider. By choosing the right service provider, you shelter different experts and tools that make your ITOM strategies easier and quicker. These service providers will help you align your IT and business objectives for business continuity.

Utilise single window for the infrastructure
ITOM will give you automation tool, which can bring together things from event management to operational analytics and class monitoring. The single window will allow you to evaluate the performance and health of your IT infrastructure.

Align your ITOM with your service delivery
If you align your ITOM with your service delivery, it will allow you to gain more ROI (Return of Investment) while delivering a seamless service. If you have a seamless experience, it will improve the overall customer experience.

Bottom line
How you perceive your IT team can mean the difference between success and failure. The best practice is to utilise IT all the time – not just when something has happened. By utilising IT, you get insights when it comes to the delivery of what the customers want.