Blockchain applications are now being used in numerous industries to utilize the efficiency of the services and boost the business. It helps in making the business more transparent, scalable and secure.

But many companies are unaware of the excellent services provided by it. They must get in touch with some blockchain consulting companies and know about them in detail. Some of the terms which a blockchain user must know are:


It is a ledger in which the data is stored in a distributed manner and it allows easy recording of the transactions that take place in a business in an automated, transparent and a secured manner. If any amendments are to be made in the data, it has to be done by the consensus of all the individuals involved or else it cannot be removed or edited.


A consensus is a collective decision which is taken by the entire group handling the blockchain. In this system, the data is controlled

and navigated by an entire group and is not dependent upon a single server or a node.

Gas price

The amount used to run a contract on a blockchain or any transaction is called gas price. It is a kind of a transaction fee which is set by miners and incentives the people to keep on registering the information on the server.


Nodes refer to the different types of servers which are involved in a blockchain network collectively.


A digital wallet is an online store for all your cryptocurrencies. A wallet stores the currencies online whereas, a hard wallet stores all the crypto funds of a user offline and provides security for them. A hard wallet could even be your USB drive which could serve the same purpose.

Digital scarcity

The deficiency created by a digital item which is offered in a limited quantity and cannot be duplicated or used without taking prior permission from author. The greater the scarcity of the item, the higher is its value in the market.

Fractional ownership

Fractional ownership is when multiple parties own a single art piece by investing fractions in it and owning different parts of it is known as fractional ownership. It helps in the growth of reputation of the company, manufacture new art pieces and increase the work’s value.

It is also helpful when an institution looks towards raising the funds of the organization. This task can be accomplished with the process of tokenization.

Synthetic DNA

These are minute pieces of technology by which artists can attach a piece of their DNA to their works immediately as they get done with the work so that the copyright of the work stays with them and it cannot be taken over by any other.


Hence, it is important for any business to know in detail about the blockchain service before they deploy it in their organization. The terms mentioned in the above article would help you in comprehending the working of blockchain services in a better and effective way.