When you own a site, there are always quite lots of things to take into consideration. Firstly, you have to invent a catching design. Your site must be quite understandable and easy to use. Finally, it should be a speedy one.

Today, we will speak about CDN and how it can assist you in speeding up your website.

CDN: What Does These Letters Mean?

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a chain of data centers located around the world and owned by a CDN provider. All in all, each CDN network consists of:

  • Points of Presence or PoPs (these are data centers scattered around the world and which are meant to bring the content closer to its target audience);
  • Caching servers (these are servers that preserve and deliver cached files that belong to the CDN provider’s clients);
  • SSD/HDD +RAM (these are solid-state and hard-disk drives or random-access memory where the cached files are actually kept).


Every time, you apply for a CDN support, you purchase an opportunity to store your files on these servers instead of your initial server, and your target users who may live pretty far away from your initial server’s location get the web content from the PoP that is situated nearby their place of residence.

Benefits of using CDN Services

Here is the list of benefits you often get while applying for CDN services:

  • You may enhance your web performance drastically with CDN;
  • Your server isn’t overloaded;
  • Your website users can easily browse your website;
  • You get better SEO rankings;
  • Your host expenses become lower;
  • Your website is protected from spam.