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If you own an Android device most probably an android smartphone, then chances are, you might have come across an APK file, yes you heard it right, APK file, or Android Package Kit (APK) which is similar to the applications that we mainly download at Google Store or Google Play.

It is considered an application file just like other files that we install to our android device, but unlike what we download and install directly from Google Play and Google Store, we download it via our personal computer, it can either be a laptop computer or a desktop computer, which is an unknown file format that can be opened with an archiver just like WinRAR or 7zip.

APK files are not executable which means, it cannot be opened in a computer but instead, in an Android operating system just like your Android smartphone, this is because the developer packs the program into an APK, which makes the source code written in Java language will be converted into a machine-readable file format, however, the resources of this will left as such that is why the downloaded APK file in your computer needs an archiver to be able to read it and view all the resources enclosed to it.

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A lot of APK files include logos, images, music files and other applications that you see in Google Play and Google Store.

Developers create APK files because not all applications that you can download directly from your Android mobile device is free. A lot of good applications are paid or needs a certain subscription in order for you to enjoy everything it features while APK will give it all for you totally free. Developers use reverse engineering to get into the source code of the application you wish to install to your android mobile device and lets you find all the necessary techniques to perform a certain action to extract the application to your android mobile device.

Most APK applications that you can download on the internet in your computer are essentially leaked applications or a modified or customized android application which has a different experience to further enhance the user’s capability to download and reap all the benefits of a paid application.

Most APK files are the leaked accesses of upcoming mobile apps. Most APK applications are gaming apps that mostly paid apps, and who wants to play a game which requires you to pay? That is why APK files are very popular for those who seek free gaming in their Android mobile phones.

Some mobile gaming applications are also restricted and exclusive to some countries and one way to break this barrier is by downloading an APK file version of that mobile gaming application. There are for all a lot of advantages and benefits when you download an APK file from your computer and install it on your mobile device, and main reason of it is actually the one that we are discussing right now which is it lets you play a mobile gaming application for free or use a certain application for various uses totally for free.

You can download apk games that are not yet released to certain countries or games that are not for free just in a click of a button.