There are a lot of computers used all over the world. Microsoft is one of the market leaders in this technology world. To meet the posing challenges of different areas, it keeps on providing all the latest updates to its users. One can get the updates on every second Tuesday of the month. In some cases, these updates are not received, or the system does not get automatically updated which can lead to serious issues. Though it is believed as a common problem and one can solve it with some efforts.

Here are some easy options with the help of which one can get the system regularly and auto updated:

  • Running the check disk- This is a most important step where one can check that the system is not prevented from receiving auto updates. Usually, if there are corrupted files, they can cause such a trouble as per which the auto updateis blocked. To avoid this situation, one needs to click on the icon on my computer and locate C drive. Now just check the properties of this drive. Here one can check the tools menu and go for error checking tab. Here one needs to select check Here one will also see the automatically fix the system error option where the box must be checked with aright check. Now just restart the system, and the problem will be resolved. If the problem is still there, go for the next step.
  • System Check: One can go for the system file checker which is also known as DISM. Just click on run and go for the command prompt. Now one just needs to run as administrator. Here one can see the phrase “SFC/scannow” where one needs to highlight. One can copy the same by clicking on the right. The copied path must be pasted in the space of the command prompt and press enter. Once the system completes the file checks, just restart the computer and try to update the windows. In case this step does not help to solve the problem one needs to go to the next step.

Windows Update

  • Use the windows update diagnostic tool: Here one can check with Google “Windows Update Diagnostic Hotfix”. One can download it on his computer. One can run the Hotfix and follow instructions accordingly. If the problem is yet there, one can go for the next step.
  • Check the Software distribution directory and retune. Just open the command prompt from the administrator and provide the command run. One can rename the software distribution directory. And restart the computer.

Above mentioned steps can help one to get the regular auto updates and keep the system up to mark. In case the problem remains there after taking all the above actions one must ask help from an expert as there must be some other technical issue due to which the system does not get auto updates. Hence, one needs to ask an expert advice and take necessary actions accordingly.