SVG logo animation

The use of well-designed animations has emerged to improve user experience, through a slow transitioning towards HTML5 for web animations. SVG logo animation provides accessible alternative, for a creative animated cascading style sheets. The article explores all the benefits of using SVG and teaches you exactly how to use them in combination with CSS to create SVG logo animation.

How to Work With SVGs

It provides completely great tools available for directly creating and manipulating SVG  and this makes it inefficient to wrestle with the code for anything other than simple animation. The animation process is as simple as getting your image ready and exporting it using the ‘save as’ SVG option as a file. Unfortunately, a byproduct of using tools to create SVG files can add a lot of metadata to the underlying code, and this may result in files being bigger than they need to be. All you need to is optimize SVG before you can incorporate them into your website.

Creating an Animated Logo with SVG

SVG logo animation

SVG has built-in graphics effects that include SVG logo animation capabilities. It has a native syntax exclusively for animations referred to as SMIL that enables you to animate the attributes of your graphics directly with XML markup.

Here are some of the most crucial benefits of SVG:

  1. SVG’S are smaller in file sizes being XML format that gives you more performance with increased quality.
  2. Any size of the vector image looks just as sharp.
  3. They aren’t limited to styling you can style SVG using CSS and also animate it.
  4. SVGs are now fully supported on all major web browsers, so in many ways, the era of SVG has officially arrived; it’s just designers that need to start catching up more frequently and more consistently.

Characteristics of SVG animation

  • Its faster and easier way to animate SVG you require to have no technical knowledge to animate, this helps developers and designers to carry out their web online jobs.
  • It provides a user-friendly environment thus making it an option worldwide.
  • It is able to export a single ready-to-use SVG file thus making it preferable to anyone who is willing to create logo animation.


If used properly, animations can elevate the user experience and overall design of a site and web developers. Although SVG in combination with CSS provide an elegant way to implement these, there’s plenty of other methods you can also try until you find the one that best satisfies your needs.