iSeries cloud

Application modernization occurs in a variety of forms, and it’s not always clear where to begin. So, over the next several minutes, we’ll show you how IBM Power SystemsTM can help you with your modernization efforts. Sure, there are many more advantages than we can discuss here. Check out our Field Guide to Application Modernisation on IBM Power Systems iSeries cloud for further in-depth analytical ideas and recommendations to assist you identify the complexity of your applications and a modernization road ahead.

Flexible and cost-effective utilization

With IBM hypervisor on-demand CPU capacity, you can control demand spikes and accommodate more cloud workloads per server. It controls demand by distributing CPU core pools among CoreOS nodes.

With fewer servers, software can deliver more performance.

It lets you run 3.2X more containers per core with more CPU threads, get 2.6X better price performance (based on the number of containers), and combine cloud-native apps with AIX, IBM I and Linux® virtual machine-based apps and enterprise data to take advantage of low-latency API connections to business-critical data.

Exceptional performance for your company’s data

With PowerVM Virtual I/O Server, Red Hat OpenShift in a virtual machine next to your AIX, IBM I or Linux virtual machines enables low-latency secure communication to your company data. Because there are fewer network hops, this results in better performance.

iSeries cloud

Security and resiliency have been demonstrated.

It’s critical that every layer of your company’s IT hardware and software stack remains safe in order to address today’s security concerns. Customers who choose IBM Power Systems benefit from the most reliable mainstream server platform available, allowing them to innovate and come to market faster without compromising security.

A solid and well-proven foundation

Your developers have access to the most recent software advancements, allowing them to create software more quickly, while your IT administrators can easily monitor, run, and manage the platform and infrastructure.

Cloud Pak solutions from IBM

For containerized workloads like IBM Cloud Pak enterprise-ready containerized software solutions for modernizing current applications and developing new cloud-native apps that run on Red Hat OpenShift, Power Systems provides superior performance and economics.

Create new ideas with a robust container software ecosystem.

A strong software ecosystem that allows teams to develop utilizing the latest technologies is at the heart of any application modernization initiative. Open-source communities are now more than ever playing an important role in enterprises’ modernization efforts. IBM Power Systems iSeries cloud can run a wide range of popular open-source and commercial container software in addition to your core business applications.