Since the birth of the internet and since the time it has been so up and coming, there have been many new threats that kept coming up since the time it came up. For many people, they are always looking for new methods and tactics to get on someone else’s nerves and these same people treated the internet as their new tactic. If you have been a happy user of the internet, you will have no complaints but there are many people who have gone through things that they never would have expected because of the internet. Since the time these cases started being reported and the world was aware of what can happen on the internet, people grew more careful and protective of themselves and our protectors also came up with an initiative called the Cyber Command.

 What is the cyber command?

It was obvious that the world was not just goibg to sit back and see how everything was going down just because of the internet, and it was time to build something that would help us out of this mess. This organization does exactly that for those people who are victims of cyberbullying or any other types of cyber threats. This became a huge issue before people even realized it and since the time there has been awareness about it, people have been more careful and have been avoiding doing anything that they shouldn’t on the internet. Cyberbullying was added as a crime but that still didn’t stop a lot of people from doing it and that is why this command was necessary.

cyber threat hunting

Some more details about the cyber command:

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the cyber command and how it is helpful, you may have a lot of questions about it that you’re hoping would be answered here. The head of the cyber command is General Paul M. Nakasone and it is a part of the U.S. Department of Defense. With this initiative, they made it obvious that they would never let us go and let us deal with our problems all by ourselves. There is something to protect us from every new problem that comes up and it is great that it’s true. This is a military branch that is devoted only towards cyber security and your safety from anything harmful out there. Cyber threat hunting is an active defense technique that they make use of to get us out of trouble.