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The influence of computersin all the fields makes the user busy with uploading, sharing, and downloading files from one computer to another computer. The development of technology made all the data in the digital form hence the process of storing and transferring the files become prominent in the digital services.

File Storing Devices

In the initial period, data storage itself was challenging and new devices were found to store the data. In that floppy disk is the device at the front, where can store the file having a size of 1.4 MB only. Expansion of digital services increases the demand for higher capacity devices to store the files for file upload, share. Hence CDs and DVDs were discovered and developed to store the files having size with MB to GB. These devices look big in size and need to handle very carefully otherwise there may be a chance to lose the data. But, Faster development expects more space and convenient devices to handle data to file upload, store, and share. Hence, advanced devices with more capacity such as pen drives, memory cards, hard disks were developed and put into usage. These devices help the users to add, edit, store, and share files.

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Emerge of Cloud System

The growth of internet facilities further opened the door to make the file uploading and sharing process easy and simple way. In general, email was used to transfer the files from one person to another person through the computers. But, size limitations in this also direct towards the new technology system called cloud system. The cloud systems work based on the browser. This browser-based system offers to the user to upload the files without installing any programs or packages. Filebin, Wetransfer, Go file, Google Drive are some of the browser-basedfile uploads and sharing systems used these days.

Filebin: A simple System

Among those Filebin offers the simplest form of service where no disturbance will arise with the advertisement and banners. Also delivers easy and quick access to the user to upload and transfer the files. They provide a kind of advantage that the file uploaded will be deleted automatically after a week. This vanishes the user’s worry about the files remaining online.

The above-mentioned services can get at the free of cost with limited capacity, in case more space is needed then need to look for premium services where should pay to avail of extended storage and sharing facilities.