When it comes to your business website, it must be accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities, with ease. In case there are problems, you will be liable for accessibility lawsuits and hefty fines.

AccessiBe – Bid adieu to expensive traditional processes

Though businesses are now paying attention to fixing accessibility issues with traditional means, they no longer have to worry about costs and time. Thanks to the advent of AccessiBe, an AI-infused accessibility tool for sites, they can stay fully compliant round-the-clock with success.

This innovative tool is affordable for every business, and you can choose from multiple pricing plans that start from $49 per month.

According to ADA and WCAG guidelines, there are four main principles when it comes to web content accessibility-

  1. The site content should be perceivable in ways they can easily understand.
  2. It should be operable by the site’s user.
  3. The user should easily understand the operation and the information on the site.
  4. The site should be robust as the technologies in the industry evolve over time.

The site should also be compatible with assistive technologies, keyboard functionality, and cover time and text-based media alternatives.

Web Browsing Experience

Remain fully compliant without tensions

With the help of this innovative tool, you are able to remain fully compliant with WCAG and ADA guidelines. It will scan your site every 24 hours to detect issues and fix them. Even when you upload content on the site, the tool will scan every line of this new content to make it fully compliant within 48 hours. The tool does not interfere with the underlying code of your site and just uses a line of JavaScript to function optimally.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it works independently, and you can focus on the other core tasks of your business without the worry of lawsuits. Moreover, it is compatible with all web browsers.

The installation of the tool is simple and takes five minutes. Its official website has a guide for installation for you to refer to before you begin the process.

Users are happy

The users who visit your site are happy as they are able to get a seamless web browsing experience. They get the chance to customize the user interface as per their preferences. This, in turn, gives you a competitive edge in the market over your peers. Search engines prefer businesses sites that give accessibility a priority. This means you not only make your users happy with the browsing experience but attract better web traffic. This means more lead conversions and profits for your business.

You can fix gaps in accessibility in an affordable way and focus on making your visitors happy and inviting more sales opportunities to your business with success! With AccessiBe, you can even check the accessibility levels of your site for free. It has a feature called aCe that helps you check the site’s accessibility so that you are aware of the areas that need to be worked on. In this way, you can ensure that your site is compliant round-the-clock.