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If you plan to track phone by IMEI number we have not very good news, this is not possible. But there are other functions that help protect your data. Or, do not allow the connection or use of your device as long as you know this code.

This code is unique for each device. If you don’t know which one is yours, just type * # 06 # and it will appear on your device screen. It is also possible to check on a sticker, which comes next to the battery. From Android, you can check this information by going to Setup, then About Phone, Status, IMEI Info. The numbers will appear listed, just write them down in a safe place, so you’ll always have them in hand for when you need them. If you have not already done so, set up our article on how to know IMEI code by phone. A visit to makes things important.

How to find out using an Apple device

If your device is an iOS, don’t worry, you can also find out the IMEI number even if it’s not a mobile finder. You can see how to consult this data in our article on how to consult IMEI. It’s simple, just go to Settings, General, About and then scroll down until you see the full code. The best you can do is to know this information beforehand, since once your smartphone is stolen or lost, it will be more difficult to find this information.

Phone Spy

IMEI over iOS using tutorial

But what’s the point of knowing all this if you can’t use a cell phone tracking system by IMEI number? Well, as useless as it may seem, this code is very useful. With it you can completely block the use of certain phone number in a country. This way, no matter who finds or has stolen your smartphone, that person will not be able to make calls or send messages because your phone will be locked by your service provider.

To block this, you need to enter your mobile IMEI number for your carrier, and they will be able to use the appropriate tools to complete your request. If you would like even more details, check out our article on ways to lock your phone. Now that you know how useful this code is, here are some more tips to help you figure out how to track your phone.

Apple Offers iPhone Search App

While the Google Mobile Find system requires you to have the phone number linked to your Gmail account, Apple devices work a little differently. On iPhones and iPads you can use the native app called Search. It comes bundled with your operating system, and requires no extra downloads.

How to track a cell phone by number

In order for you to use Apple to your advantage and ask it to find my phone, you will need to sign in to the iCloud website or the Search app on your iOS device. This will allow you to see your device on a map, knowing exactly where it is. For this, the ideal is to have your smartphone connected to an internet network, so you can find the device faster.