Among the most important SEO factors for the positioning of a web page on search engines undoubtedly there are factors such as the number, type and quality of links that the page receives, in particular backlinks or inbound links.

Backlinks are links that a page (called a landing page) receives from an external page (called a resource page). Through the backlinks the page gets a certain share of value from the page from which the link starts. For the website backlinks this is one important part.

But based on what characteristics does a link pass more or less value to a page?

Internal or external links

  • First of all we distinguish between internal links (therefore coming from the same site) and external links (coming from other sites)
  • The search engine tends to give greater value to links coming from outside than those coming from internal resources.
  • This does not mean that internal links are not relevant (just think of portals like Wikipedia), but that the popularity of a page is closely linked to how many other websites “quote” it through links.

Anchor text

Anchor text is a very important factor in determining the value transmitted to a page. It is important that here there is a relevant and relevant keyword relative to the page that receives the backlink.

The authority of the resource

A decisive element in defining the value of a link is the authority and popularity of the resource page. This is in terms of the popularity of the single page (Page Rank and Trust rank), but also from the more general point of view of the authority of the domain (DomainAuthority ).

Age of links

Search engines are always looking for pages and links between the various pages. Given certain conditions, the search engine can assign a higher value to older, long-lasting and permanent backlinks than younger, cooler backlinks.

  • Although these are needed to index new content
  • Number of links on the resource page

Another element that the search engine takes into consideration is the quantity of links that are directed from the resource page to other Web pages.

In part it is what we have seen when talking about Page Rank (see lesson ABC what is Page Rank), in whose algorithm the number of links on the resource page is also taken into account.

  • The more links a page contains, the less value these links have.
  • The quality of landing pages
  • The quality of the landing pages of these links is also relevant to the search engine.

If the resource page links to our site, even to low value sites or spam, the link received from our page will be of little value.

Link from multiple resources (domains)

One of the undoubtedly most relevant factors is the number of links from different resources, i.e. from different sites. It is important not only to receive many backlinks, but to receive them from different sites.