Web Development

PHP is a programming language which is used to create dynamic web pages which are capable of interacting with the database. It is originally designed for web development. This programming language was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994. It is an open source language and can be embedded with HTML to create an efficient website.

What Is MYSQL?

It is a database management system and there are various reasons to build databases as an important constituent of website infrastructure. The important web assets like email accounts, blogs and content management systems are created for your clients with the help of MySQL managed databases.

Both PHP and MySQL work together for web development. MySQL is an open source technology like PHP and is of much support to the business owners. The businesses can experience growth with the help of a good website and there are companies which assist in accomplishing this task like Skyfall Blue which provides extensive support for website designing and digital marketing strategies.

Use of PHP with A Database System

PHP is very popular among web developers because it can interact well with database systems like MySQL. Any website requires data and information to display and it is retrieved from the database.

Web Development

PHP and MySQL can be used together for the following purposes:

  1. Digital Ad banners – In this, the PHP script is used to get a digital banner from the MySQL database and the database selects the banner from the table records and after this, it sends it back to PHP which is a programming language.
  2. Creating Internet Forums – this use PHP and MySQL to store and retrieve the messages of the users.
  3. Designing A Website – The entire website can be designed using the PHP scripting language and the PHP script makes access to the MySQL database to obtain complete information about the web page.

How to Set Up the MySQL Database?

The procedure of setting it up differs according to the host. A user requires a username and a password to get access to the database. The administration can be done with the help of PHP scripts or a program called PHPMyAdmin. The database tables need to be created to store website information.

The entire database can be configured with the help of PHP script. The command used by the PHP script to get connected to a MySQL database is mysql connect (local host, $username and $password) in which localhost refers to the address of the server on which a website runs, $username is the name of the user used to access the database and $password is password required for accessing the database.

How to Execute the PHP Commands and Do the Process of Data Input And Output

When the configuration and the connection to the MySQL database have been done after that the PHP commands on the server can be executed on the server with the PHP script using the syntax Mysql query($query). The data input is the same as the input used in HTML pages.

To display (output) the data with the help of MySQL command.

There are some famous web destinations which are created using PHP and MySQL web development like Facebook, Word press, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc.


Thus PHP and MySQL can be used effectively for the web development process. Both of these help in the creation of sophisticated websites with a large number of features.