IBM Hosting

IBM hosting has been considered as the future of how companies are handling their data resources and tools. People think that this doesn’t really equate to significant results. But it does  and the results are amazing. For the people that saw the light at the end of the tunnel this was their saving grace for their productivity, efficiency, profit and growth.

cloud hosting

So how does this work exactly? In order to properly explain this, it’s best to have an example. The best example here is Google, now google is a tech giant that has been fully immersed in cloud hosting. What cloud hosting is that it houses everything about running the company like tools. This tool is allocated in a certain server in the cloud, if that specific tool breaks down, a contingency survey steps up and does the task temporarily until such time the primary tools that carries out that task will be fixed. This Is the main reason why Google never experienced that downtime and they are able to efficiently provide quality service every time.

For your productivity: Perhaps the biggest challenge with any company is productivity. Try to think of your productivity as a smartphone. If you have a new phone and you never enrolled your device for a cloud service, after 1-2 years your phone’s internal and external memory will get filled (this is your server). It’s filled with photos, videos, reports, apps, programs OS and many more. If there’s no more space, this is where performance issues kick in. You will experience lag, and your phone will even shut down from time to time. This is the problem regardless if you got 10 cores and 8gb of RAM, the fact is, if you don’t know where to allocated those things that makes it slow, it will never go fast.

For your efficiency: Even if your fast, if your tools are slow, chances are you will still be slow. Slow tools doesn’t always mean slow internet connection. It can also mean that the server is congested, that is why your tools are having trouble. Without the means to allocate all the things that your server is running all at the same time, there’s really no way that tools will work faster.

For your profit: The more productive your people are, this will convert to an even more profit. This is the reason why growing or big companies have these Six Sigma and Lean projects. So that they can identify the problems that affects efficiency and profit and eliminate it. Most of the time, it’s not the people, not the position, it’s the tools that they use that made them slow and that is bad for profit.

Web hosting can solve all that, it can help your server breathe by proving a large capacity that you can allocate your tools. This will increase productivity, drive efficiency, increase profit and promote growth. Instead of renting a new place and buying new servers to help with the load and spend millions of dollars, not to mention pay for people to maintain it, pay for parts, services, and repairs, why not just get a cloud hosting service from source data products instead.