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The changing perception of online marketing is fast moving from detailing product qualities to predicting customer behavior. It is a type of a giant lottery because the goods that do not sell add to the liability. This does not allow proper growth of the business.

Accuracy and focus needed for marketing

Instead of blinking in the glare of the fickle media, the smart marketer is turning the focus to smarter things such as automation. Now, is that so? Is there anything in that basket for the modern entrepreneur? Yes, because every little thing we do is being duplicated; machines have an infinite memory and very accurate hands. Indeed, omni channel retail marketing is revolutionizing businesses all over the world.

The boom in the technology brought by the internet has produced a bigger sibling – artificial intelligence. This is no longer a piece of fiction, it is among us. The longer we put off accepting this fact, the more invasive will its growth be. So, what does it do? For one, they make Chatbots! These are intelligent speech machines that reply to customer queries.

Versatile and powerful

You can program them to answer hundreds of questions. With the growth of Language Recognition utility, the Chatbots give more functional replies. These add up to customer satisfaction and that is a good business tactic. AI-powered bots are always learning from new queries. You can add Cards, Recipes, Lists, Quick Replies and more to improve customer satisfaction.

Artificial intelligence can predict customer behavior through another device. Image recognition is not magic; it is the right use of the technology available to us today. Cameras positioned in vantage positions can trace the goods that the customer takes and the ones they put back. In some instances, they can recognize a specific person and predict his behavior. By counting the number of times someone lifts a product from the shelf or puts it back, one can predict the market movement.

Use of smart technology in the supply chain and distribution network will simplify your inventory and distribution time. Omni channel services defeat time delays by accurate deployment and predictions. It helps speed up service and keeps track of the stock in the shop at all times. Doing multipoint inventory through automatic bots is like employing a whole bunch of accountants for your business.

Start at the beginning

So, the business goes on. You get better predictions and this leads to more profits. You invest your profits in more automation and get better turnover…the story has a happy ending. But, where is the beginning? You know, you have to cast the stone at some time. So, why not do it now? Why wait until the competition is using it and you have to do it to catch up with them?

You must begin the story with a happy beginning. Invest in the future. The future is automation and artificial intelligence. The sooner you do so, you more profits you get. Numeric and symbolic information makes more sense to computers… that is where artificial intelligence begins. And it can store information for decades if not centuries making it a powerful all-seeing eye.