You should have in mind that Zapier is one of the most popular tools so that you can combine both productivity and digital marketing apps so that you can chain them together and use their advantages.

You can build an effective and sophisticated system for receiving and storing data, collecting leads, and engaging better and more with customers, prospects, and potential users.

Marketers from all across the globe are using this particular solution to receive data from web forms and create emails that will automate replies and messages on numerous platforms such as Messenger or Slack.

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You can create a straightforward and complete integration with Zapier so that you can collect the data from a bot and send it to your app that features an ability to integrate with this particular process.

We are talking about popular apps such as MailChimp, Slack, Trello, Google Sheetsand many more so that you can improve your general perspective and reach more potential customers along the way.

The best thing about Zapier is that you will be able to see a transparent list of available integrations, which will provide you the ability to enjoy numerous combinations and possibilities.

You can easily see the results that you can obtain from your marketing strategies without the limitations you usually get from other similar platforms or software.

What Is Zapier?

Numerous modern web apps feature Application Program Interface or API, which is third-party software that will allow you to interact with other applications simultaneously. With them, you can easily download stored data, upload information, and hook into an app that you wish.

Therefore, Zapier will provide you two services, and they are acting as intermediary for the APIs because it is tool that will connect with all apps that you are using so that you can handle them from one place without losing too much time with every single one.

Imagine that you wish to automatically download email attachments that you get on your Dropbox folder or Gmail account.

Since both apps feature, an ability to connect with API, with Zapier you will be able to download everything from Gmail, for instance, and upload it automatically into a Dropbox folder. These trigger actions are also known as Zaps.

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Reasons to Connect With Apps by Using Zappier

  • Speed – First thing that you should know is that Zapier will help you handle ordinary business and marketing tasks. Imagine that you have to upload files to a particular Dropbox folder. You will be able to create a Zap action that will download all data from your mail and place it into a specific folder you wish similarly as we have mentioned above. Every single client will be able to have his Zap that will work in background, which will save your employees of doing it manually, which will ultimately save you plenty of time.
  • Consistency – Since people are not perfect, they tend to forget things that are indispensable. At the same time, computers are much better at performing simple tasks because you will not have a human factor that may mess up sometimes. In case you wish to make sure that every single file that your client sends you ends up in dedicated folder, you should use this particular platform.
  • Transparency – Zapier is also a great way to implement visibility to your employees and workflow. It doesn’t matter if you’re using emails or Slack so that you can manage things around you, by implementing Zapier, you will be able to get real-time notification every single time an employee does something extraordinary.

Chatbots and Web Apps

You are probably familiar with chatbots, which means that you should know that you could consider infinite possibilities when it comes to connecting a chatbot with other apps.

Since the number of web apps is increasing every single year, it is essential to evaluate them and pick the ones that will fit your marketing objectives and business requirements.

We can differentiate numerous examples of how you can use Zapier and implement process automation, so you should check out the ones that will affect your company in general.

1.     Connect Your CRM So That You Can Focus On Customers

It is essential to manage relationships with your customers and to create a customer service that will provide you peace of mind when it comes to expectations that they have.

Creating smartbots will provide you an ability to get closer to this particular goal. Therefore, by creating supporting forms, you will be able to keep track and record on all your claims and queries so that you can avoid missing a single opportunity that happened.

You will also be able to integrate virtual assistant with CRM so that you can improve the enjoyment and responsiveness.

For instance, in case that you use Hubspot, you will be able to create a workflow that will transfer all information and contacts directly to your account from a virtual assistant.

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2.     Boost Your Email Strategy

Email outboxes and inboxes can be a nightmare for marketers because they have to manage thousands of messages manually that will take both time and money from your company and reduce overall productivity.

That is the main reason why you should implement smartbot within your marketing strategy so that you can copy and divide them into groups based on actions you wish for them to make.

You will be able to do it in a few clicks and get personalized content, follow-up emails as well as mass replies that will help you along the way.

You should use the automatic workflows because if you do it manually, you will be able to concentrate on how to boost your business and improve overall productivity.