Final Cut Pro X has created one of the best and new markets of plugin and many filter developers. As a fortune for users, many companies and websites are giving away these products for free. Stupid Raisins is one of the best sites that offer final cut plugins free.

Stupid Raisins motto is to gather and bring powerful and flexible tools at one place to video editors to make them to have simple workflow at affordable prices. This site takes the FCPX tools from high end visual effects and brings them to you inside desktop software. Using their several years of experience in feature films and also in high end TV commercials, this site redesigns complex user interfaces to make the software simple and very easy to use. They also provide top class customer service by giving quick responses to their users. You can edit better with affordable Final Cut Pro X plugins & effects that are available in this site.

Stupid Raisins is proven to be internet’s number one site for all kinds of Free FCPX resources – plugins, motion templates, plugins, transitions, tutorials, titles and much more.  Although this is just a small amount of the FCPX product, it still allows you to perform a lot of common useful tasks. It is one of the best sites that rounded up the best final cut plugins free, transitions templates and plugins on the net. Here are few of the FCPX plugins that you will enjoy for sure:

Tokyo PiPinator: This offers a picture in picture with no keyframes

Tokyo Split Animator: It offers a split screen with no keyframes

Nattress Levels and Curves: If you want any Curves in FCPX, than this is the perfect plugin for you

Dashwood Editor Essentials: There are a lot of advantages that this plugin provides to the editors. Its ability to move along the 3D Axis, and custom scaling from 4:3 to 16:9 and RGBA levels which approximate the advance control primary panel in apple color, white balance filter and quick slate generators make this plugin highly suitable for the average pro editor.

Final Cut Pro X that adds audio effects is also one of the most important plugins for audio editors.
In addition to enhancing audio using the built-in audio enhancement features, you can also take advantage of FCPX advanced plugin. Final Cut Pro comes with an extensive range of custom audio effects and also professional Logic Effects, which are digital signal processing effects and processors that are normally used to color or to shape the existing audio recordings and also audio sources in real time.
Some of the main common processing options include pitch correction, noise reduction, EQs, reverbs and dynamic processors. Further advanced features of this include modulations, delays, bass enhancements, distortions and time-altering processors and utilities. Some of the custom effects of Final Cut Pro combine multiple effects to create a particular sound environment, such as a cathedral. By this plugin you can also add impressive effects to individual audio clips and components. After adding an effect, you can adjust its settings by using the audio inspector.

All these advanced FCPX plugins could be found in Stupid Raisins. They offer you the best that they can and cater to all your requirements.