If you’re tired of spending considerable amounts of time near the fax machine while you’re at work, you probably don’t know about Google fax. Online fax service will let you send fax from your regular e-mail account like Gmail. All you need is to sign up for online fax service with a service provider and then you can send or receive fax on your computer, tablet, or even smart phone.

If you are in a work place, you definitely don’t want to waste your time or energy sending and receiving fax. Virtual faxing can beat traditional faxing without much difficulty even in this matter. Once you have signed up with an online fax service provider, you can send and receive fax just like you send and receive your e-mails.

Click on the “Compose” button like you would usually do when you are composing a regular e-mail. Type the fax number followed by the domain name given by your service provider in the “To” field. For example, it would look something like 777-888-999@faxxx.com. Fill the “Subject” or “Message” column with whatever you want to appear on the cover page of your fax. Attach the file you need to fax to the mail and click on “Send” and you’re there!


Cuts down your expenses on


The transition from regular fax methods to online fax is quite necessary today because it saves you a lot of money as well as time; and we know that time is money which means you are saving a lot more money than you think. Traditional fax machines are expensive and in a bigger office set up people can crowd over it. You may even have to dedicate a place for fax machine, copy machine and other similar stuff. Also, along with the money you need to buy it, you will have to spend again on ink and paper.

Quick, convenient and


Don’t you think it’s better when you really don’t have to get up from your cabin or chair to go over to the next floor just because you need to send a fax? Online fax is just like getting an e-mail or sending an e-mail. Also, if you’re in an emergency and need to send a fax immediately, you don’t need to run to your fax machine. Small companies and start-ups can switch to online faxing services like Google fax to cut down their expenses.

You can use an online filing system to organize and label your virtual fax and you can print only those you need to take a print out of. This will save you dealing with the mess of fax sheets being stacked up which is almost impossible to sort.

Better security

While you’re using traditional faxing methods, your information is sent through unsecured telephone lines. Online faxing sends encrypted data which only you can receive in your inbox. It doesn’t directly get printed out in the fax machine and you can protect sensitive data.

Add digital signature

Online fax can include your digital signature which is why faxing is very important even today. You can create your personalized digital signature to use on official documents.